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Advanced Training for the High Performance Stream

The ASTRA Centre of Excellence Program is designed to work with Saskatoon and area clubs to prepare male and female soccer players for the new High Performance soccer programs as defined by the Canadian Soccer Association and the Saskatchewan Soccer Association. Our goal is to provide affordable, sustainable training, based on realistic opportunities. There are therefore no imposed uniform, tournament or travel expenses as we believe that this is money better spent on development of the players.


A solid club development system is essential in developing fundamentals. ASTRA partners with clubs to advance the training of players who aspire to engage in the HP Stream by offering additional training to complement club and Community Association training. Additional training is critical for these players, as they should be engaging in at least five training sessions for every game played. Players continue to play with their clubs. ASTRA does not encourage players to withdraw from their clubs or league play. Our training includes technical, tactical, game intelligence and physical preparation (balance, quickness agility and suppleness). The assembly of higher caliber players leads to enhanced training opportunities. Players not yet ready for COE programs can access our Skill Builder programs for additional training to complement club training. ASTRA also provides training for league and non-league teams who wish to access extra training as a group.

Stages of the ASTRA C.O.E. Program

It is important to note that ASTRA uses chronological age only as a guideline. Maturational age is used to place players in programs that fully address individual needs. For example, an early developing 9 year old may well be placed with 11 year olds. The ASTRA COE program follows these progressive increments:

Junior COE Stage 1 (Under 8)
Junior COE Stage 2 (Under 10)
Learning to Train COE Stage 1 (Under 12)
Learning to Train COE Stage 2 (Under 14)
Training to Compete COE Stage 1 (Under 15)*
Training to Compete COE Stage 2 (Under 16)*
Training to Win COE (Males only, Under 18)

*Note: U15 and U16 Females who are ready graduate to the Regional Centre of Excellence run by the SSA. Those who need further development continue in the ASTRA COE.

High Performance Objectives

The objectives of the ASTRA COE programs is to prepare players ultimately for a variety of high performance opportunities including Provincial Teams, National Teams, Professional Teams, Universities and Colleges. ASTRA has built a network of partners both in North America and abroad to which successful players may be referred.

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ASTRA Soccer Academy

ASTRA Graduate Alex Ingraham Earns Athlete of the Week in Red Deer

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  • ASTRA Graduate Alex Ingraham Earns Athlete of the Week in Red Deer

    Alex Ingraham named Player of the Game and earns Athlete of the Week at Red Deer College.

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